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Roster Policies & Team Size

Get answers to how big your team can be

Each sport and league has a roster maximum. This is how many players are a normal team size for that league and that sport. How this limit is handled differently depending on how your team is being paid for...



If one person (the captain) signed up the team and invited players then this is a "TEAM FEE" team. For this single team fee you can add any number of players up to the roster size listed below. Any players over that maximum is $10 per player. Let's use coed softball as an example. The roster maximum is 14. So for the team fee you can have 14 on your roster. You can either sign up 14 initially, or less. If you sign up less - say 10 - you have 4 extra roster spots you can use and add players anytime through the final game of the season. Once you add your 14th player, any more is $10 per person, payable BEFORE the player plays. Once a player signs the roster they count toward the roster size, even if they do not play again. Players cannot be "replaced" once they sign onto the team (and ALL players must sign before playing). If a team has paid a team fee and needs FREE AGENTS added, just ask and we'll try to find players for you. Any players added will be charged by Club Sport and your team fee will be credited their payment minus a $10 admin fee. 



If no one on the team paid the team fee, and everyone paid the individual fee, then this is an "INDIVIDUAL" team. Normally we do NOT allow additions over the roster size for this situation. In certain cases, we may allow extra players (i.e. if the team really needs a keeper for soccer and no one is stepping up). If the team wants to go over the rosters size we need approval from all on the team since everyone paid their FULL PAYMENT and expects playing time. All players over the roster size still must pay the full individual price for the league (although we may prorate for games missed). The Club reserves the right to fill individual teams up to the roster size number. Individuals will be placed on teams 2-3 days prior to the league start date. At this point the league reserves the right to fill the team to the Roster Size.



Even though some of our leagues have gender rules for game-play, we are LGBTQIA+ friendly. We encourage you to register to play as the gender you identify. If you do not identify with a gender, please default to what is on your driver’s license.




Sport Format & (coed ratio m/f) Roster Size
Basketball MEN'S 5v5 8
Bowling 4-Person 4
Cornhole 2-Person 2
Football COED 6v6 (3/3) 10
Football MEN's 7v7 12
Pickleball 2-Person 4
Kickball COED 10v10 (5/5) 14
Kickball SOCIAL 10v10 (5v5) 16
Kickball Opponent Pitch (6/4) 14
Soccer COED 11v11 (7/4) 16
Soccer COED 6v6 (4/2) 10
Soccer COED 7v7 (4/3) 12
Soccer COED 8v8 (5/3) 12
Soccer MEN'S 6v6 10
Soccer MEN'S 7v7 12
Soccer MEN'S 8v8 12
Soccer MEN'S 11v11 16
Softball COED 10v10 (6/4) 14
Softball MEN'S 10v10 14
Volleyball COED 2's 4
Volleyball COED 4's (2/2) *Team payment 8
Volleyball COED 4's (2/2) *Indy payment 6