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Captain's Responsibilities

Use These Tips in Managing Your Team




  • If you have choosen to initially sign up the team - YOU AS THE CAPTAIN are responsible for the team payment. Your card will be charged the balance once the league begins. It is up to you to collect from your team. Failure of teammates to pay the captain does not reduce the league fee owed by the team (hence the captain). We can sometimes add free agents to help reduce the team payment.
  • Try to nominate a co-captain and make sure the office has that info in case we cannot get a hold of you as captain.
  • You are responsible for letting your team know your game time and schedule. Not all players check the schedule each week.
  • In case of rainouts or cancellations, we will update the rainout line (813-602-0066) only if leagues are cancelled. You can also download the app to get rainout info or get instant texts just for your league by subscribing at
  • It is your responsibility to contact the office if you have to forfeit a game. Please be courteous and let us know as soon as possible, as we can inform the other team so they do not have to make the trip out. More than one unannounced forfeit may ban your team from the end of season tournament.
  • As captain or co-captain, you are responsible for the behavior of your team and knowledge of all Club Sport rules and policies. Please make an efforts to calm any situations that might arise on the field and step in as the go between for the officials on the field.
  • It is your duty to make sure all players on your team are signed in on your official team roster/waiver. Any players not signed on the roster are not able to play in the end of season playoffs tournament. This is your responsibility!
  • You must bring any pickup players to the attention of the officials or coordinator. Failure to do so may result in point/run penalties and/or forfeiture of the game. It is your responsibility as captain/co-captain to know if your team is playing with illegal players.
  • Act as a go between for your team and the league office. Feel free to question us on any issues your team may have or ask us if you need information, players, etc.