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Get out, get active, meet new people with Club Sport Social Events & Tournaments!

Sports are not all we do! Check out our ongoing offerings of social events to get your out and active. You'll run into players from all Club Sport leagues and you never know what new friendships you'll make. Check back often to see all the fun things coming up! Invite your friends & RSVP on Facebook at See the bottom of this page for complete list of our annual events and proposed dates




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All Upcoming Events

Dec 9 - Kickball Tournament

This is the can’t miss kickball event of the year - The 26th Annual "Showdown at the Playground" Kickball Tournament!
Play is coed with teams of 10 (5 men and 5 women).

Team fee includes:
• Minimum 3 Games
• Online Schedule, Standings & Scores
• Paid Officials
• 12 Tournament Shirts

JANUARY 6-7 2024 - 6v6 Soccer Tournament
It's time for the Soccer Six Florida Blizzard Blast soccer tournament. The 2024 Blizzard Blast takes place at Austin Tindall Soccer complex in Kissimmee, Florida. Play, Party, and Survive in typical Soccer Six fashion!
Divisions: Coed Comp, Coed Rec, Women’s Open, Women's 30+, Men’s Comp, Men’s Rec, Men’s 30+ Comp, Men’s 30+ Rec, Men’s 40+ Open, Men's 50+ Open
A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to sign up.
JANUARY 13 2024 - Softball Tournament
This will be a ONE PITCH TOURNAMENT! Games will be 35 minutes.
Registration Includes...
• Minimum 4 Games
• Balls Provided
• Single Elimination Playoffs for top teams
• Online Schedule, Standings & Scores
• Paid Officials
• Trophies & Prizes to Champions
JANUARY 13 2024 - Volunteer Opportunity
Club Sport & Rec Dec have partnered with Sleep In Heaven Peace for a "bed build"! We need volunteers to build 20+ beds to be delivered to kids in need. Commitment is 8a-12p on Sat, Jan 13 at Rec Dec. Volunteers will be doing a huge amount of good plus will get a free drink when finished from Rec Dec!
FEBRUARY 3 2024 - Tampa Bay Field Day
It's almost time for the 19th Annual TAMPA BAY FIELD DAY benefitting Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Tampa Bay!
Just like your field day in grade school with classic events like the relay race and obstacle course, but with adult beverages allowed 😉
Gather a group of friends or sign-up with your favorite co-workers! Will your team have what it takes to top the podium??
Dec 9 - Showdown at the Playground Kickball Tournament (Woodlawn, St. Pete)
Club Sport has many awesome annual events to plan for ahead of time! Here is our list of projected 2024 events. DATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE and will be confirmed when registration opens. Registration should open 4-8 weeks before event date listed.
Blind Draw Kickball Tournament (Gulfport)
Jan 6-7 - Blizzard Blast Soccer Tournament (Orlando)
Sunshine Softball Tournament #1 (Woodlawn, St Pete)
Coed 4s Volleyball Tournament (Rec Dec, St. Pete)

Beer Pong Tournament (Rec Dec, St. Pete)

Feb 3 - Tampa Bay Field Day (Rec Dec, St. Pete)
MardiBall Kickball Tournament
Players & Champs Party
St. Practice Day Bar Olympics (Rec Dec, St. Pete)
St. Practice Day Pub Crawl (Downtown St. Pete)
Sunshine Softball Tournament #2 (Clearwater)
Kickball Tournament (Woodlawn, St. Pete)
Volleyball Tournament (Rec Dec St. Pete)
Club Sport Cup Soccer Tournament (USF Sycamore Fields, Tampa)
Kickball Tournament (Woodlawn, St. Pete)
Bar Olympics (Rec Dec St. Pete)
Sunshine Softball Tournament #3 (Tampa)
Whatever's Comfortable Beach Crawl (St. Pete Beach)
Blind Draw Kickball
Sun 'Til Moon Soccer Tournament
Kickball Tournament (Clearwater)
Firecracker Open Golf Tournament
Rowdie for 'Merica Pub Crawl
Coed 4s Volleyball Tournament
Sunshine Softball Tournament #4 (Woodlawn, St. Pete)
Red White & Blue Summer Bar Olympics (Rec Dec, St. Pete)
Hot as B@lls Soccer Tournament (Tampa)
Hotter Than a Pitch Kickball Tournament (Safety Harbor)
Thirst & 10 Football Pub Crawl
Coed 4s Volleyball Tournament
Labor Day Weekend Blind Draw Kickball
Fall Classic Sunshine Softball Tournament #5 (Clearwater)
Soccer Tournament (Tampa)
Coed Kickball Tournament (Woodlawn, St. Pete)
Pub Crawl-O-Ween
Fall Bar Olympics
Hole-O-Ween Golf Tournament
Break-Up Kickball Tournament
Giant Pong Tournament
Softball Tournament
Showdown at the Playground Kickball Tournament (Woodlawn, St. Pete)
Tampa Bay Cup Golf Tournament
Sandy Claus Beach Crawl (St. Pete Beach)