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Get out, get active, meet new people!

Sports are not all we do! Check out our ongoing offerings of social events to get your out and active. You'll run into players from all Club Sport leagues and you never know what new friendships you'll make. Check back often to see all the fun things coming up! Invite your friends & RSVP on Facebook at See the bottom of this page for complete list of our annual events and proposed dates


Feb 11th - Kickball Tournament


Get ready and get excited for our Mardi Balls Kickball Tourney!
Registration includes a minimum of 3 games  (plus playoffs for qualifying teams), online schedule, real-time standings, online scoring, & paid officials!


Feb 18th - Players & Champs Party


Join us Saturday, February 18th for our first party of 2023 😃 We'll be celebrating another awesome year of Champs at the Ringside Cafe in Downtown St. Pete! All players, champs, family, & friends are welcome to celebrate the season Club Sport style! Remember those champs cards are good for an entire year! So ALL champs that have won anytime after February 18th, 2022 can drink free domestic light beer 🥳

Not a champ? Wristbands are available for purchase that will allow you to drink for free all party long 🍻


Feb 25th - Volleyball Tournament


Join Club Sport, KMA Volleyball & Rec Dec for the next tournament in our series of coed 4s tournaments for 2023!

We are offering THREE divisions for this tournament:

Competitive begins at 10am.
Intermediate begins at 1pm.
Recreational begins at 6pm.

**IMPORTANT** - Players CANNOT play in both REC and COMPETITIVE divisions!  [CAN play in Rec & Int. OR Int. & Comp]
*Rosters are MANDATORY by FEBRUARY 24, 2023*

Below are guidelines for signing up for the proper division -
Recreational: B - lower /mid BB (if you have played in an A level tournament recently, you cannot play this level)
Intermediate: BB (if you have played in an AA level tournament recently, you cannot play at this level)
Competitive: A - lower mid/ mid AA (if you have played in an Open level tournament recently, you cannot play at this level).

We ask that players regulate their level to protect against injuries and do not sign up for levels that their personal and/or their team's level exceeds. This is also to ensure that everyone has fun and enjoys the experience. 

Tournament is double elimination with a guaranteed 3 games (including an "0-2" bracket). Games are SELF REFFED. 3 waves/divisions are offered at 10a, 1p, 6p. Bar tabs and (1) Optx ball to the winning team!


Mar 4th - St. Practice Day Bar Olympics


Start off March St. Patrick's Shenanigans with our FIRST Bar Olympics of 2023!!

Teams of 4 will go head to head in some of your favorite bar games from the good ol' college days. Each team will receive 8 free drink tickets included with registration.

Five events will be announced as we get closer but may include Cornhole, Beer Pong, Darts, Giant Pong, Quarters, etc. (events are subject to change due to weather)


Mar 11th - St. Patrick's Pub Crawl


Alright you crazy crawlers, listen up. We're taking over the streets of Downtown St. Pete BIG TIME as we PRACTICE FOR ST. PATRICK'S! Here's what is included:

FREE ST PADDY SWAG: Beads, socks, temp tattoos, Hair clips, glow ware, and more!

POT O GOLD HUNT: Every Bar has a Pot O' Gold stashed and if you can find them there are prizes at the last bar for you!

FREE DRINK AT EACH BAR: (Your choice of Seltzer/Beer or Spirit drink)



Buy your ticket early and SAVE! Limited Super Early Bird & Early Bird tickets avaliable - don't miss out!


Apr 1st - Kickball Tournament


Join Tampa Bay Club Sport as we shake up our tournament formats and host our first ever kickball tourney with separate women's & men's divisions!

Registration Includes...

• Minimum 3 Games
• Online Schedule, Standings & Scores
• Paid Officials

Divisions will play alternating hours.

Women's Divisions will be 10v10 with normal coed tournament rules. (All Females can bunt)

Men's Division will be 8v8 with specific men's tournament rules and no bunting!

Rules can be found here:



Send your events to 

Club Sport has many awesome annual events to plan for ahead of time! Here is our list of projected 2023 events. DATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE and will be confirmed when registration opens. Registration should open 4-8 weeks before event date listed.
Jan 1 - Blind Draw Kickball Tournament (Gulfport)
Jan 7-8 - Blizzard Blast Soccer Tournament (Orlando)
Jan 14 - Sunshine Softball Tournament #1 (Woodlawn, St Pete)
Jan 14 - Coed 4s Volleyball Tournament (Rec Dec, St. Pete)
Jan 21 - Beer Pong Tournament (Rec Dec, St. Pete)
Feb 4 - Tampa Bay Field Day (Rec Dec, St. Pete)
Feb 11 - MardiBall Kickball Tournament
Feb 18 - Players & Champs Party! (Ringside Cafe, Downtown St. Pete)
Mar 4 - St. Practice Day Bar Olympics (Rec Dec, St. Pete)
Mar 11 - St. Practice Day Pub Crawl (Downtown St. Pete)
Sunshine Softball Tournament #2 (Clearwater)
Club Sport Cup Soccer Tournament (Sportsplex, Tampa)
Apr 4 - Kickball Tournament
Apr 22 - Coed 4s Volleyball Tournament
Sunshine Softball Tournament #3
Whatever's Comfortable Beach Crawl (St. Pete Beach)
Spring Bar Olympics
Blind Draw Kickball
Sunshine Softball Tournament #4 (Woodlawn, St. Pete)
Sun 'Til Moon Soccer Tournament
Kickball Tournament (Woodlawn)
Firecracker Open Golf Tournament
Mud Wars
Rowdies Pub Crawl
Summer Bar Olympics
Hot as B@lls Soccer Tournament (Tampa)
Hotter Than a Pitch Kickball Tournament
Coed 4s Volleyball Tournament
Labor Day Weekend Blind Draw Kickball
Fall Classic - Sunshine Softball Tournament #5 (Clearwater)
Soccer Tournament (Tampa)
Kickball Tournament (Woodlawn, St. Pete)
Women's Kickball Tournament
Pub Crawl-O-Ween
Fall Bar Olympics
Hole-O-Ween Golf Tournament
Giant Pong Tournament
Softball Tournament
Tampa Bay Cup Golf Tournament
Showdown at the Playground Kickball Tournament (Woodlawn, St. Pete)
Sandy Claus Beach Crawl (St. Pete Beach)